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I am so in love with sweaters, and have been since I was in elementary school. I was that geeky girl with the glasses wearing a turtle neck and tucking in my shirt. I didn’t do both at the same time, thank goodness! I could remember on the playground my first make-over by my friend Marlee. She untucked my shirt, let my hair down from it’s tight ponytail, and took my glasses off my face. I think I looked good but it was hard to see without my glasses. Funny how certain styles and fashion bring back great memories! Does sweater season bring back any memories for you?

Back to these two gorgeous sweaters, I won these from two giveaways! I was so excited when I won! The second sweater I almost didn’t win because I was on my honeymoon and missed the email that said I had until the 21st to redeem it. I panicked a little. After taking slow deep breathes, I replied to Sheinside.com and they said I could still redeem it. Phew, that was a close one.

I had won from their Free Trial Center, so I wasn’t sure how to redeem my prize. I wasn’t informed on what I won, and I signed up for so many free trials I didn’t know what I won. The friendly customer service lady I was emailing back and forth said I could redeem it on anything! Again, I was in panic mode! I had the whole website to choose from! How could I possibly choose?! The gift code I received was for a certain dollar amount, so it was like I was getting a huge discout. Cha-ching! I ended up choosing the second flowery pink sweater pictured. I had ordered from this website before so I’m not expecting my package within the next month or two. But I’ll be waiting patiently.

I also won the first red tribal sweater from the Facebook page of Street Belle Fashion. They were hosting a giveaway, and I was randomly chosen. Woo hoo! I was given a discount code for Romwe.com and bought this wonderful sweater. I am so in love with tribal print! I bought a black tribal print sweater from SheInside last year, and I will be sporting it sometime soon during this rainy California weather. I’ll keep you posted on all 3 outfit posts once I receive these lovely sweaters! Keep Warm!



P.S. Happy Halloween! Save me some candy!