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I love making these chalkboard place cards by hand. They are an eco-friendly alternative to paper place card because they are reusable and they can be customized to fit your wedding theme colors.

Time for my Weekly Wishes. This week’s photo theme is “hobbies.” Making these place cards as a hobby turned Etsy business is a huge passion for me. I have always dreamed of owning a business and combing my creativity and dream is so fulfilling.

Last Week’s Wishes

Work on orders and prepare for product photo shoot. How did I do? I think I did pretty darn well. Today, I had my first product photo shoot for my Etsy shop with Mike, an amazing wedding photographer from FreeHope Photography. I highly recommend him for your next event. He shot our engagement photos and it was a blast!

Preparing for this photo shoot was even tougher. It was like creating 30 orders in a span of 3 weeks. But I did it! Making things by hand is definitely tiring but I get so much satisfaction from it. And I was able to work on an order for a customer (:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to collect twigs. I’m sad. My husband and I took a spur of the moment trip to San Diego, so no time for twig hunting. Maybe now that the photo shoot is over, I can hunt for twigs and be the nature lover that I am!

This Weeks Wishes

Since I worked so much last week, this week will be about “me” time.

1. Gather twigs. (Confused? See post here.)

2. Go to the gym this week. I have a 24 Hour Fitness pass that I haven’t used since before my wedding day. Let’s just say I took a “I HAVE TO FIT INTO MY WEDDING DRESS” hiatus. (10 tips to keep off those newlywed pounds)

3. Find a supplier for my business. I have been researching this but haven’t found the perfect fit yet.

Day 11: The Thankful Project

My last goal relates to my creative business and today’s The Thankful Project theme: “Something you were taught.” My creativity wasn’t necessarily taught but nurtured by many of my teachers. Through many art projects and crafts in elementary school they taught me that I am passionate about being creative. They taught me how to draw a hand turkey, how to string Kix cereal into a garland, how to make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers.

My sociology college professors also taught me how to be creative in seeing something from many different perspectives. It takes creativity and imagination to view one object, theory, or problem from many different angles. Creativity is so important, and I believe we should teach future generations to cherish their own creativity. Enjoy your night!