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Jumping for Joy!

Time for my Weekly Wishes. This week’s photo theme is “memories.” Taking photos like this on our wedding day was so much fun!

Last Week’s Wishes

Had “me” time by going to the gym and crafting. How did I do? I didn’t too well this week on just focusing on “me.” I had applied for a retail job a few weeks ago, and they called me back for an interview last Friday. I was sooo nervous but just tried my best. It wasn’t so much an interview but more like an group orientation. The five people in my group were hired! I guess we are much needed for Black Friday coming up. I’m blessed to get this job!

I did go to the gym this past Wednesday. I ran and walked and ran some more on the treadmill. After not exercising for a while, it’s so difficult again. My goal is to go every Wednesday with my work-out buddy (Steve).

This Weeks Wishes

1. Adjust to my new job.

2. Go to the gym on Wednesday.

3. Write everyday for my blog so you guys won’t get bored of me.

4. Not worry so much. Being in my mid-20’s, i’m still figuring life out. I need to remind myself to relax, and everything will fall into place.

Day 18: The Thankful Project

A choice I am thankful for is choosing to stay in college. There were so many times where I felt like giving up and just dropping out. During my 3rd year was the hardest because I had to do part-time, and I wasn’t close to finishing. But I kept striving forward and Steve kept supporting me. I kept telling myself that I’m almost there. I didn’t spend 3 years here just to quit. Being in college was the best decision for me and I had to realize that I was making this choice for me, not anyone else but me. It took me 6 years to graduate (I took 1 year off because of my depression. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder my sophomore year.) but I did it! Now I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, and it was one of the best choices I have made for myself (the other is marrying Steve). Hope you had a good Monday and have a good week. Enjoy your night! We deserve it!