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DSCN1641This year I participated in the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange hosted by Kenzie from Chasing Happy, Aukele from 91Dash, Amber from Say Yes To Joy, and Lisa from Love To Go Happy Things. I made these for my 3 Merry Mail group members. I’ll post later this month about the ornaments I received from them! I’m so excited!

So these ornaments I made following the Modge Podge Rocks blog recipe with a little twist of my own. In my recipe, I used mason jar lids instead of just regular metallic lids because I didn’t have jar lids or a drill to drill a hole into them for hanging. So I used mason jar lids. These ornaments are easy to make and so pretty! Once Steve and I get our first Christmas tree for our little apartment, I’m gonna hang one that I made for myself and see it catch the light of our Christmas lights!


Wide Mouth Half Pint Ball Mason Jar Lids (you can also just buy the lids but I only needed 4 lids and you can recycle old used ones for this project)
Krazy Glue craft glue
Modge Podge in Glossy or Satin
Modge Podge Dimensional Magic
Rhinestones (I bought mine at Michaels called Bead Landing Jewels, comes in a plastic box of 304 pieces. 100 rhinestones are good for 1 ornament.)
Glitter Tape (Michaels Recollections Christmas collection)
Fiskars Scissors
Pliers (optional)
Plastic (optional – I used the one from my dry cleaning to protect my desk. Just use the plain plastic side not the side with the white printing on it like I did. The back of my ornaments almost got this yucky white ink all over.)
Warning: Glue will leak through your lid as it dries.
Time: 3 days all together as the glue need to dry overnight.



Step 1: Cut about 9 inches of glitter tape. Thread it through the metal band lid. Cut off about 1 inch of the clear backing off both ends. Stick ends together. This will be your string to hang your ornament.


Step 2: Get your canning jar lid. Take your Krazy Glue and brush the glue around the raised edge of the metal disc (put glue on the shiny side not the side with the red band) and the inside of the metal band where the metal disc will sit on top. Glue together and hold it in place. I put heavy things on top (a candle) to press it down. Let dry overnight.

DSCN1625 Step 3: Once it’s dry and the metal lid has been glued to the metal band, brush a thick layer of your Modge Podge Glossy glue onto the inside area of the lid. Place your rhinestones into the glue. You can also use pliers to place the smaller rhinestones in. It’s okay if some of your rhinestones flip upside down. This will give more texture and catch the light to your ornament. To flip back over the ones that were upside down, since I didn’t want too many upside down, I used a paint can opener to move it. Or you can use a toothpick or your finger (:DSCN1626

Step 4: Keep layering rhinestones and glue to fill in the gaps. It’s ok if your rhinestones overlap. This will give great texture. Once the lid is completely covered with gems, let it dry overnight.DSCN1628

Step 5: Take your Dimensional Magic and pour in and around the rhinestones until all the jewels are covered. All the jewels don’t have to be completely submerged in glue but I like to add an extra drop on top of those jewels sticking out. Also, be sure to get into the edges of your lid too. Let dry overnight. When it dries, it will be crystal clear and shiny!DSCN1629

Step 6: With your hole puncher, punch a hole in the top of your ribbon tape right in the center of where you stuck the ends together. String a piece of twine through it and tie it into a bow.

And Ta-Da! Your perfect DIY handmade ornament for your Christmas tree!


DSCN1642DSCN1645-001 DSCN1647