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It’s the middle of January, and I’m still in the Christmas mood. For me the gift of giving, never ends. It pleases my soul to give and bring happiness to those who truly need it. I definitely feel the more you give, the more you receive ten-fold. But even if I never receive anything in return, the feeling of fulfillment warms my heart.

For the Great Christmas Exchange hosted by Elizabeth and Samantha, this is what the lovely Lacey from Humming Right Along gave me! How much awesomeness is this! Thank you Lacey for your kind and generous heart. Finding what to buy someone, especially someone you have never met can be so challenging but she did so well! I didn’t take a picture of what I gave to my Secret Santa recipient, but when they open it and post a picture hopefully I get to show you what I gave.

The first thing I opened on Christmas Eve was the smallest little wrapped present. I’m a sucker for anything tiny so I was immediately drawn to opening this first. It was the cutest eraser with the Double Decker Bus from London on it. I was reading on her blog that she recently went to England. How cool is that! I’ve been to London when I was in high school with my marching band over 9 years ago. I loved that city! My husband I will definitely go in the future, once we save up enough.


Tearing through the creative wrapping (which I will be putting some in my Smash book), I find the funniest note cards saying “well, nuts.” I have to mail one to friends if their having a bad day. This would sure cheer them up! And how gorgeous is this notebook. I love collecting notebooks and jotting down random ideas I have and this is perfect for that.

The red studded gloves were the first thing I peeked at when I opened the box. I wanted to read the card and see who my Secret Santa was and contact her to let her know I received the package. Lacey studded these awesome gloves herself! I love anything handmade! And last but not least, I opened the cutely decorated kraft box tied with twine. Inside was a gorgeous green necklace (green being my favorite color). I can’t wait to pair it with a cute outfit (post on that to come soon).

Thank you so much, Lacey. I will definitely be writing a thank you letter to her, and she will be part of my Oh, Hello Mr. Postman series! Hope you enjoyed this Secret Santa reveal! Have a great Wednesday!