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Oh, Hello Mr. Postman

Hope you are enjoying your day off today commemorating this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. For my international readers, the U.S. observes the 3rd Monday of January each year as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to honor his use of nonviolence to bring awareness to racial and socioeconomic inequalities for minorities. We observe this day around this time of his birthday on January 15, 1929. You can read more about his great activism here.

Today’s letter is Letter #5. Hasn’t January gone by so fast already? We’re already into the middle of the month. This letter is a special letter going out to Magdalena in Singapore. We were paired for the last Snail Mail Collective hosted by The Nector Collective. Check out her neat blog dedicated to snail mail as well!

We had already been chatting through email, so I wanted to write her a long letter. I learned that her favorite color is also green. We had both wrote a yellow letter to someone else on the same day, and it’s a color that makes us both happy, so naturally I wanted green and yellow to be the color scheme. I learned of this great technique of making ruffles using washi tape here. It was a bit difficult getting the hang of it but once you do, it’s easy! I added a handmade vellum envelope I made using the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board (so fun to use I’m addicted). I added some sticky notes, a green paper clip, a toothpick flag (use it to decorate your cupcake), and a handmade tag for the Oh, Hello Mr. Postman project I include in all my letters. I’m also adding a little something extra for her. Be sure to check back for what she snail mailed me for the last Snail Mail Collective.

Trisha, from the Philippines where my family is also from, is the 2nd recipient of my snail mail letter. It has been 9 years since I have been to the Philippines which has been too long. If you haven’t visited the Philippines, it is a gorgeous country with beautiful beaches that out compare Hawaiian beaches and cheap shopping. Trisha sent me a beautiful postcard of the Philippines with all these scenic photographs of different destinations including Boracay. Boracay was the island I visited 9 years ago, and I will never forget it! White sands, amazing snorkeling, and good food!

The color theme for this letter is peach. She said this was her favorite color, so I rummaged through all my letter decorating supplies for anything peach. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what the color peach was. I like to think it’s in-between the colors of pink and orange. I used a peach chevron and a floral washi tape to create a banner along the top of the letter. I added the letters “T” and “F” for her initials, 4 tulip stickers, page flags, a toothpick flag, and the handmade Oh, Hello Mr. Postman tag.


I also made this 3×4 inch envelope that says “From sunrise to sunset, in a dream.” Isn’t it so cute?DSCN1812

And to commemorate today’s holiday, I will leave you with this quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

Whatever your life’s work, do it well.

Have a Happy Monday!



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