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Oh, Hello Mr. Postman

This week’s letters were a little challenging. Designing how I wanted these letters to look weren’t hard nor was writing to the recipients difficult. I guess I just might be running out of steam. It is hard to tap into that creativity each and every week. It takes a little out of you-your heart, your mind. I guess I’m just building up my endurance-to keep writing, to keep decorating your letters.

Even though this week proved a little more challenging, I can say that I had a lot of fun decorating these letters. I even stalked researched the recipients favorite colors. I hope they like their letters, and I hope you enjoy them as well.


Letter #7 is going to Lacey in North Carolina. Since Valentine’s Day is coming, and I’m in the lovey-dovey mood, I wanted this letter to be hot pink! I used Avery labels to create a hot pink border. It’s a very modern and chic style. I stamped today’s date with my Studio Calico date roller, and I stamped “Hey” using a Studio Calico clear stamp. To add a little glitter, I used glittery alphabet stickers for Lacey’s name. The little extra’s are a project life card which I wrote on, a handmade tag, initial letter cut-outs, post-it notes in a matchbook, some hot air balloon stickers, and a hot pink envelope decorated with Oh, Hello Friend hearts masking tape.



The 2×2 photograph says, “Shake dreams from your hair.” Don’t mind if I do!


Letter #8 is a fun one going to Joyce in Malaysia! Don’t you just love the classic airmail style and colors! I used the red and blue airmail washi tape to line the borders. I wrote the letter in a horizontal fashion to mimic those classic airmail envelopes. Stamping the envelope was fun! I’m new to stamping and clear stamps, so bear with me. As usual, I added a handmade tag. I also added these cute robot stickers (“I steered us with my wilderness explorer GPS. Boop Beep Beep Beep Boop. With this baby, we’ll never be lost! [accidentally throws the GPS out the window] Oops.”) Do you know what movie this quote is from? You’re awesome if you do, and it’s OK if you don’t, watch this funny and cute movie. I also added a “Hello, My name is” sticker, a blue paper clip with a washi tape flag, an initial “J” cut out, a tiny airline tag, and another airmail decorated envelope with Oh, Hello friend airmail masking tape.


The 2×2 photograph reads, “Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it.”

Happy Monday everyone!



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