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Oh, Hello Mr. Postman

Hello, Everyone! Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you. How was your Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments up top. My Valentine’s Day was swell. (Who says swell anymore? This girl does!) My hubby and I ate yummy Italian food. Lobster ravioli, salad, bread with olive oil, and tiramisu was on the menu. As a lovely present, he gave me the turquoise Raskog cart from Ikea that I have been wanting forever. I definitely will be storing my craft stuff in that beautiful thing. In this post you will be seeing what I gave him.

So, I didn’t forget to post last week. I wanted to make sure the recipients received their letters before posting it on here so as not to ruin the Valentine’s Day surprise! So, let’s get to it!

Here are letters 10-14!

Melissa from Utah received Valentine Letter #10. And my partners for the Handmade Valentine Swap, Andrea from Canada, Sandi from Illinois, Kim from Florida, and Jennalee from Utah, received Letters #11, #12, #13, and #14. All the letters were similar including the one I made for my husband. Enjoy!


I made these Valentine’s Day Activity Books inspired by the creation of pen pals books by some lovely ladies on Instagram. I also handmade the cute envelopes.

I used paper from the Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine’s Mat Pad. To adhere the front and back pages together, I used a wide washi tape to tape the sides together.DSCN1911

As I said, I handmade these envelopes. I used paper from Target’s One Dollar Spot, a section in the store I’m obsessed with! If you are just getting into snail mailing, the USPS post office sells international forever stamps to use with your international letters. It is the world stamp as seen in the picture above. It’s very handy to have a few.DSCN1914

This one is going to Melissa in Utah. Her words were, “It is so creative! Love it!” I’m so glad she loved it!DSCN1917

Here are pages 2 and 3. Page 2 is the back of page 1. Thank goodness the Martha Stewart page are double sided so they have patterns on both sides.

Since this is an activity book, I created 9 spots for her to write 1 thing she likes about herself everyday starting on Valentine’s Day. The red and white labels were blank Martha Stewart spice labels I found for $0.50 at Big Lots. The kraft labels were from Target’s One Dollar Spot (see how obsessed I am with this section!) I hand-stamped all the dates.DSCN1921

I cut page 3 to be a little shorter than the other pages for decorative purposes. In this little envelope pocket is a blank tag where she can write how her Valentine’s Day was. Where it says “How was your Valentine’s Day?” that’s just good ol’ brown masking tape and some little key patterned washi tape underneath. I just used masking tape from Oh, Hello Friend to adhere pages 2 & 3 together.DSCN1922

Page 4 is the back of page 3 so you can see how handy doubled sided paper is!DSCN1927

I had to add some cute stickers because what activity book doesn’t have stickers?! I used a glue runner to tape those suckers down, and added some washi tape for decoration.DSCN1929

I purposely left page 5 blank. Those are loose confetti hearts I sprinkled on there just to make this photo look good. Here is where she can add a photo of her and her significant other or a photo of whatever they did that day! (Get your mind outta the gutter lol!)DSCN1933

Page 6 behind page 5 is my letter to her.DSCN1930

I hand-stamped the date and wrote a little about what my husband and I did on Valentine’s Day. (Again, get your mind out of the gutter!)DSCN1931

This last page was the most special page in the book. I punched out more than 1000 confetti hearts for all my Valentine’s from pink and red paint swatches. I handmade the vellum envelope and used a glue tape runner to glue it down to the page. Using a red striped washi tape, I closed the envelope flaps. Hopefully, she sprinkles this confetti over someone she loves! My husband sprinkled a few over me today!DSCN1935

The back of the book. THE END!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my handmade Valentine’s Day Letters for “Oh, Hello Mr. Postman!” Enjoy your Monday, lovelies!



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