photo (44)Hello, Lovelies! How are you this Wednesday? So this is an impromptu blog post but a very important one if you covet your pens as much as I do! I posted the above picture on my Instagram account for #ohsnapaday Instagram challenge Day 2: Pens. I asked if anyone wanted to see this blog post about pens so here we are! The picture above was a pain in the a** to set up LOL! But it was fun seeing the pens I have all laid out. Not pictured is a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4-barrel pen I just ordered online and on it’s way to me. It is my first Coleto pen so we’ll see how this pen snob likes it. I’ll definitely be posting a picture about that on my IG.

So below I did a couple of pen swatches in my Filofax for you.

photo 2 (2)Here are a lot of my favorite pens except for the Zebra Z-Grip Daisies which I had recently purchased. You can see how the ink does not flow smoothly and the “orange” pen is just awful. Maybe I just got a bad batch. I had mentioned on my IG that I had only bought these because I need a yellow ink pen for my letter, and it doesn’t even write in yellow! It’s more of a burnt orange/light brown. There was no color descriptions on the package, there was a yellow colored swatch on the front , and the pen even has yellow flowers on it LMAO! I guess I’m not a ballpoint pen kind of gal. I’ve been spoiled by my Pilot G-2 07 Gel Pens. I left 7 lines blank because as I was researching these pens here, I noticed they are coming out with new colors of the Pilot G-2s for a total of 15 different colors. I must have them all! You can purchase these pens at Target, Staples, or any other office supply store.

I love the Pentel Sunburst pens because the 4 colors shown are gorgeous and oh so glittery. I first bought the pack of 5 pens for the white pen not shown here. I love writing in white ink on dark paper. And also shown here are the Sharpie Fine-Tip pens which are available in 10 different colors. I’m missing the black, dark blue, and red colors. You can also purchase these at Target, Staples, or any other office supply store.

photo 4 (4)Here is the back of that page of Pen Swatches if you care about shadowing or bleed through. None of these pens bled through the Filofax white pages. You can only see the shadow of them from the other side. For me, when I’m writing notes or in my weekly inserts, it doesn’t matter to me. If you do care, ballpoint pens are better for you as shown below in my second page of Pen Swatches. photo 4 (5) The ones in the middle of the page (below the bleed through of a washi tape marker) and at the very bottom of the page are ball-point pens. Do these shadows bother you? I heard people also purchase Filofax inserts in Cotton Cream because they are cream colored and thicker, so there is definitely no shadowing or bleed through. I’m not sure, but please let me know if do use the cream colored inserts in the comments by clicking the “Leave A Comment” button under the header of this post.
photo 2 (1)And here is my pen and line swatches for my Sakura Pigma Micron Pens, Daiso pens, Target Dollar Spot pens, and some random pens I have.

photo (45)-001photo (46)

The 2 pens that surprised me the most were the Daiso Permanent Marker pictured at the top, and the Target Hello Kitty glitter pen. The Daiso Permanent Marker works great for writing on washi tape, and the Hello Kitty pen which was $3 with the set was a very surprising and nice glitter pen. Those Target Dollar Spot pens with the heart caps (Pictured in the 1st picture in the top right) are scented and smell yummy but don’t write very well. Maybe they write better on darker paper.

Well, hope you enjoyed this long winded pens review. Happy writing and happy Filofaxing!