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Click here to learn about this snail mail goodness!Oh, Hello Mr. Postman Happy new week to everyone! How is everyone? Did you watch WWE WestleMania? I didn’t, but my husband did! I was too busy eating my wings from Wingstop that we ordered. I’m feeling a little under-the-weather today because of the weird weather Southern California has been having this past week. It’s hot, then cold, then earthquakes! Yes, we had a pretty big earthquake at a 5.1, and my husband and I live near the epicenter. We were ok, but we heard a lot of ambulance and firefighters headed to the next city over. I hope everyone was ok. Any weird happenings during your weekend? Siince I’m not feeling too hot, I’ll keep this week’s post short and sweet. Letter #27 is going out to my new pen pal Lisa from England. DSCN2186It was her birthday last month so I wanted to add a few extras to her Tiny Piggy’s Kitchen letter. She likes owls like me, so I added this adorable owl Target gift card which is actually a bookmark. I also added some Target page flags for her Filofax planner and some cute owl stickers. DSCN2260 Letter #28 is going out to Stephanie from England, as well. You can tell I love writing to people from England. I went on a school trip to England about 10 years ago. I loved London, Abbey Road, The London Eye, tea, and the tube. I can’t wait to go back! I wanted to include a Harry Potter stamp with Ginny on it. Isn’t this stationery from Daiso so cute? I first saw this letterset when I received my first pen pal letter from Jessica in Washington. You can see on the second page I wrote “oops, upside down LOL!” I wrote the 2nd page upside down. Haha what a dork? It’s still cute anyways, right? Right?!

And here are some featured letters from fans who have used the hashtag #ohhellomrpostman to their snail mail photos!

photo 2 (8)This lovely letter is from Toni in California! Follow her on Instagram @house_of_hera and see other lovely snail mail she is sending into the world!photo 1 (5)


Robyn hashtagged this lovely letter with the hashtag #ohhellomrpostman. How beautiful is this envelope! She is @robina_black from South Carolina, USA! Want to see your letter on my blog? I might just feature you, just use the hashtag #ohhellomrpostman!

Well, have a happy Monday! Working hard or hardly working? I hope the latter. Take it easy!



P.S. I really want to write to someone in Ireland. If you live in Ireland, please let me know through the contact form located at the top of this page! Thank you!