Hi, there! Welcome! So glad you’re here. I’m Jamie. That is my husband Steve in the picture. I’m recently married and the picture above is one our engagement photos. See more engagement photos here!

This little blog is about me and my journey. I’ll share a bit about my letter project called “Oh, Hello Mr. Postman.” I started this little project of mine this January 2014. My goal is to write 104 letters to people all over the world. You can learn more about this project here. Follow along and I will announce when I’ll be taking new letter request so you can become part of this snail mail revolution!

Crafting has also always been my passion since I was a 9-year-old girl making a jewelry box in the shape of a house out of Popsicle sticks for my 4th grade teacher. My passion was ignited after my now husband and I started making decor for our own wedding. I love being creative and sharing this creativity with the world!

Another thing about me is I love food! I love yellow-tail sushi, a good avocado bacon cheese burger, and red velvet anything! Our wedding cake was a beautiful and yummy red-velvet cake. You will see the occasional posts of yummy dishes from restaurants around Los Angeles, California.

I also love spending time with my husband, going to concerts, thrifting, and traveling. My dream is to go to Paris and kiss my husband under the Eiffel Tower. A girl can dream right!? 🙂

I’ll post a lot about family, love, relationships, weddings, stuff I wear, recipes, and the occasional serious topics. I have suffered from depression since I was 19, now I’m 25. I’ll discuss more about this challenge in my life and how I’m overcoming this illness in a future post. I believe that as a society we must be more educated about mental health awareness.

I love that you are here and want to share this journey with me. I would love to hear your thoughts in the blog comments and feel free to contact me if you just want to say hi or someone to chat with 🙂 Thank you, and enjoy your time here with me!



P.S. A picture of two of my favorite people!
Steve and I on our wedding day in front of our wedding venue, Villa del Sol, Fullerton, California.

Steve and I on our wedding day in front of our wedding venue, Villa del Sol, Fullerton, California.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very lovely blog, and inspiring. I certainly love your letter project. I just started with mine, and thanks for sharing lots of ideas. @worldofmymae (IG)

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